A new year hushes in more government monitoring

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It’s the new year and there are more eyes on you, if you live in those neck of woods.

The preface is as expected, always security and crime-fighting.

In Bulgaria, parliament are unveiling crime-fighting measures that will give police the right to monitor emails and phone calls.

In China, text messages are now subjected monitoring.  Yes, billions of them.  The government’s pledge to crackdown on pornography has now extended to handsets.

So what’s considered an “illegal” text?  Any messages that include “pornography, violence, fraud, suggestions of terrorism, instigations to crime and gambling”.

Curiously, the monitoring is starting just as text service resumed in Xinjiang, 6 months after the riots in this western frontier.

As for gambling? Good luck with that.

In the fair land of Denmark, not letting a good disaster go to waste (possibly reacting to a recent attempt on the Prophet Muhammad cartoonist’s life), the government is debating on a law that will allow local councils extended use of CCTVs in “volatile housing estates and soccer stadiums.”Reblog this post [with Zemanta]

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