Thanks for checking out Investoralist the blog!  My name is Dana Chen.  I’m a start-up foot soldier by day, sometime blogger by night.

You can find me in any of the following places:

I spend most of my days here, at PeerIndex, and also keep up a blog as well.

I’m also active on Twitter and LinkedIn.  Please say hi!

  • Rroome

    Hi Dana -
    Haven’t heard from you in ages. How/what are you doing these days? Just wanted to let you know that a letter arrived here for you from the Dept of Justice, which I’m sure was a request for you to serve jury duty. I didn’t open it, but just wrote ‘Return to Sender – Moved and living abroad for several years now’ That way, you can’t be held in contempt for failing to show up for jury duty. Let me hear from you when you have a minute pls. I’m still at rroome@telus.net. How are you and Edwin doing – married yet??? Chelsea is still alive and kicking at almost 20 years old. Should register her with the Guinness Book.

    Luv, Robin