Thanks for checking out Investoralist the blog!

My name is Dana Chen, and I started blogging back in 2008. For a few years, I chronicled and explored my interests in everything from personal finance (which is where the name of the blog came from, a riff off one of my favourite blogs at the time, the Sartorialist), online media, and the world of start-ups. Over a period of about three years, I managed to put up over 400 blog posts, and have been featured in a number of spaces online. You can check out some of my all-time favourites here, and some of my featured posts here.

Fast forward a few years, blogging became increasingly time consuming and hard to keep up, and frankly, I ran out of things to say and decided to take a break. But blogging has always stayed top of mind – without it, I would not have been able to transition from a financial analyst to someone that now makes her living online.

So I’m super thrilled that after years of very intermittent blogging, I’m finally ready to get back to it in 2015.

What can you expect to hear from me?

For the most part, I’m going to write about the online space and financial services industry, again. But this time around, there’s going to a focus on the marketing side of the financial services industry with a definite bias on asset managers (just because that is the industry that I’m exposed to daily). I will also look at the increasingly dynamic and competitive fintech industry, and will occasionally weigh on the hype vs. innovation scale.

Clearly, all opinions are my own and nobody else’s. And if you are in the industry, or just have an interest in these topics, holler! Leave a comment, or come by and say on Twitter and LinkedIn.