After minaret bans, Swiss populists go after the Germans

What is going on in Switzerland to warrant this kind of populist posturing from its politicians?

SVP, the Swiss populist party that got the whole minaret ban passed with posters like these, have now turned to bashing Germans.  The absurdity of it all is trumped by concerns that this kind of right-wing bashing may actually turn mainstream.

While the attacks on what it calls “German sleaze” in the Swiss ivory towers fits into the party’s populist rhetoric, the tendency towards German bashing — like the rejection of the minarets — looks like it may be going mainstream.

Let’s see if SVP will up the ante after the Zurich municipal election, whom is no doubt waiting to see whether this little maneuver will win them votes.

It looks to me as though Europe’s right-wing political parties are going from strength to strength, with the Austrian, Italian, Dutch and many others’ gaining traction and name-recognition on the global stage.  Is the danger light on yet?

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