All truth, all the time, and other readings for Monday morning

Business Insider– Spain faces a confluence of events in July, whereby it will need to finance 21.7 billion euros within a single month.– To the extent that China is using Africa as an experiment — to try out ideas of how it might be in the world — its African adventure is worthy of close study.

WSJ– Cluelessness is all too common in our expert-mediated world.– The difference between a great value investor and a good value investor is that the former knows how to time its entry properly.– Through group play, 2010 is indisputably the lowest scoring World Cup in history.– Hard industrial policies should be replaced by soft industrial policies in developing countries, where collaboration is the key.– We need more and better quantitative modeling to improve the models, not less. But along with this we need better management and understanding of what these models mean.

Infectious Greed– The startup financing landscape has been transformed: a combination of ease of entry, lower capital requirements, failing incumbent VC firms, and general fervor has driv…– When Facebook launched its Open Graph protocol in April, blanketing the web with “like” and “recommend” buttons, it seemed obvious that one of the company’s goals was to…– Touching rough sandpaper makes social interactions seem more adversarial, and when sitting on a hard chair, negotiators take tougher stances but if they sit on a soft on…– What could possibly go wrong with all truth, all the time? Creepiness, for starters.

Wired– The act of public confession may help reinvigorate the prefrontal cortex, a part of the brain that is gravely weakened by alcohol abuse.

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