Asian students loves to struggle, and struggling musicians love nobody more than Chopin

The ever so keen Asian music students are following the likes of Yo-Yo Ma, Lang Lang, and continue to conquer the world of classical music, and on their own soil.

The Polish attempts to explain why Chopin is so popular in Asia.

“Chopin touches chords in the Asian soul that we can’t imagine exist under the surface of calm, smiling faces – on the contrary, they are throbbing with emotion under this social mask.”

Acknowledging the prestige attached to classical music and its novelty:

“I think the future of classical music lies in Asia. It needs classical music… the love for classical music there is incredible, perhaps even greater than in Europe.”

In the last twenty years, of all the top 5 prize winners, 9 out of the 21 came from either Korea, Japan, or China.

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