Belly buttons, centre of gravity, and success in sport

The pipe dreams of an Exxon-BP merger.  Great, an even bigger conglomerate to look forward to.

The young, educated, affluent, and tech-savvy Chinese are, forgetting how to write Chinese.

Facts can potentially make misinformation stronger. So when what we think we know is actually wrong, there’s no hope in correcting that misconception no matter how much facts get thrown in our faces.

Inequality seems to attack our health above more material differences. But if economic growth merely reinforces inequality, there’s not much hope there is it?

Are universities responsible in serving economic objectives?

Belly buttons, race, centre of gravity, hidden height, and success in sport. It’s all related!

Thirty percent of medical practitioners in the UK are non-UK trained.  Thus when patients die at the hands of a foreign-trained doctor, the question of language competency comes to the forefront.

Another Middle Eastern country modernizing under the radar.

Not to say looking dowdy and boring is the way to female empowerment, but busting out a glamour calendar might not be the most effective method of celebrating Czech female MP’s political clout.

There’s no corner of the world where China hasn’t made significant investments in, Africa, Latin America, corners of Europe where nobody else wants to touch – Iceland, Greece. It’s just a matter of time before its economic interests drag it into local politics.

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