Birth tourism, Swedish trash, PTSD definition expanded

More deflationary pressure in Japan.

McMansions are not going away any time soon.

China should look for a profitable exit out of the American dollar, says one economist.

Does Europe’s belt-tightening signal an end of progress to decent treatment to all, or merely expose the flaws of a socio-economic system that has consistently put ideals above growth?

New journalism, fleeting loyalty, immediate feedback, and faster burn-out.

Communist government tries to reign in overtly materialist dating show that only mirrors what goes on in society anyway. In the meantime, birth tourism is beginning to take shape, because there’s always something more coveted than what’s just within reach.

Reconciliation – easier said than practiced, especially after a genocide.

A lot of attention lately on PTSD here and here, now with definition of trauma expanded.

From the land of Billy bookshelves, “every stereotype about poor white trash spanning both time and globe, rolled into one.”

Under-represented white minority in elite schools underscores rural southern Republican anxiety.

Oldie but a goodie read: Japanese youth that literally bunker down and hide in their rooms for over a decade out of frustration and fears.  And the social and business opportunities that arise out of this social phenomenon – night vending machines that sell bento boxes with 3 meals for the day, social workers that specialize in coaxing those kids of their rooms.

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