An end to the pursuit of happiness, and more– Since it forced users to register in order to view its content, the Times has lost market share.

The Economist– The future for blogs may be special-interest publishing.– If you disagree with someone, their views will always seems simplistic.

NY Times– Media organizations can file all the briefs they want about protecting their work product from free-riders and insurgent hordes of digital pilot fish, but once they break their own rules and start feeding on one another, the game is over.– Blogging, uploading photos, editing Wikipedia entries — these are all symptoms of the surplus put to use. And they should be celebrated as such.– Japanese executives seem to have had more difficulties handling relations with their Chinese workers than western competitors.– Congress has driven a stake through the heart of movie boxoffice futures trading.

Reuters– Reducing deficits while at the same time accelerating economic growth: is it a chimera, or does it actually exist?

Business Insider– The pain of austerity will be far higher in European than it would be in the US, which makes the European austerity vs. U.S. stimulus divide just perverse.– Unless one is in a world of uniformly small, highly open economies, aggressive Keynesianism can be justified one country at a time. But the US is not one of those.– The G-20 is now threatening to become a club of members that blame each other for their problems.– Instead of asking parents and non-parents whether they are happy right now, we might ask whether they are becoming more like the people they want to be.

NY Times– Iceland’s capital elect itself a former comedian.

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