BP’s demise eminent?

Spinning something out of nothing of the Daily Show’s supposed woman problem, tapping into feminist blogophere’s “outrage world”.

Now that the Me Generation’s all grown up, will we see more strikes and more social unrests?

W00t! sends AP a bill for quoting their blog, which AP mandates their press partners to do.  Ouch!

Gold: the overvalued inflation hedge.

There’s the oil war, and there’s a gas war.  And China might’ve just check-mated both her rivals in this battle.

The explosion of “-ize” in our management-speak.

What I learned from the article – the triage of power perched at the top of the EU are: the Parliament (rotating presidency, currently Buzek), the Council (Van Rompuy), and the Commission (Barroso).

Croatia is exporting its labour to pay off its deficits. Not the smartest thing to do in a middle-income and rapidly-ageing country.

Britain already preparing for the eminent demise of BP?

Did North Korea’s 7-0 broadcasted loss to Portugal sully the regime’s propaganda plans?

Europe says ok to sending it’s citizens’ financial data to the US in the name of counter-terrorism. Comforting.

I’ve been out of school for a while. But when I was there, I did study, quite a bit. Has it changed that much in the last few years?

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