Chop Chop Square in Riyadh

A generation of Little Emperors now part of the Ant Tribe, what does it mean for China’s future?

The most over-represented nationalities on Twitter are the Brazilian and the Japanese.  And over a quarter of Twitter users in the US is African American.  Our world isn’t flat, it’s just more densely interconnected in certain parts than others.

The writer makes the argument that more security doesn’t necessarily make us safer.  But doing nothing will most certainly make us less safe, because inaction is not an option, right?

Chop Chop Square in Riyadh. This is how public beheadings are done in Saudi Arabia.

The man behind Ryanair. Some of his bright food for thought include: fat people should pay for their seats if it wasn’t for the long time it’d take to weigh them, and business-class customers would receive oral sex.

Downturns discourage new flows of migrants but does not spur the mass return of existing ones.

Would’ve been a good piece to read before watching The Last Station. Tolstoy’s death resulted in one of the first mass media frenzies.

Some life strategies.

Is this really any surprise given what we already know about North Korea?

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