Democratization of luxury, and other Monday morning links

Language and how it influences the way our respective cultures view the world.

Bringing your own camper with your own food when traveling is a well-renowned Dutch sport.  Apparently Germans dabble in it as well, much to Norwegians’ chagrin.

A piece on the changing state of the British middle-class.  The word “class” comes up a lot, both explicitly and implicitly.

How our state of mind and our awareness of social norms and perceptions have on morality.

One scenario on US-China relations in 2020. This one is not optimistic.

How Kaiser Wilhelm II tried to harness the power of Caliphate to further German imperial interests, and failed.

Is the development of America’s materialistic culture in the 20th century merely the result of its democratized luxury?

A brief history on the decline of cosmopolitanism.

Everyone’s got something to say about Zynga. Here’s the latest.

Why media outlets need to consider making money through commerce versus the tired choice between advertising and pay-wall.

How to change norms and public behaviours.

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