Easy credit and wage inequality

Creativity in education. We are doing better, so why is everyone so worried?

Cougar lust, myth or biological certainty? Or in the most expedient and most frequently quoted male-speak: Evolution made me do it.

Grameen Bank brings sub-sub-subprime back to US with legitimacy, serving the under-banked low income, often single mother market.

The re-orientation of Turkey’s foreign policy is really a game of “why shouldn’t we”. Why is everyone so surprised?

As long as social norms reward social media participation, we’re gonna stick with it.

Shutting down blogs and starting subscription-based email newsletters. Is this a trend?

Analysis on whether China be able to out-innovate the US in the foreseeable future: from its leadership makeup to education.

On the value and accuracy of research papers – which methodologies to trust, how much do peer-reviewing a document really mean, and when to agree with the conclusion.

The expansion of easy credit was the result of increasing wage inequality in America.  Unable to help their constituents to get the kind of education they need for higher-paying jobs, legislators went the other route – in guaranteeing them more credit for consumption.

Last but not least, “It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!”.  Sort of an antidote.

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