Fast reproductive strategies in the ghetto?

Academic fraudulent behaviour in China hurt all.

How both Europe and America are dealing with the rise of Asia, and the amusing hypothesis that growth is almost moving westwards.

More reasons why publishers should charge for news. (h/t @ampique via @kristinelowe)

A point in the world where you are surrounded by 4 countries. (tks to @justinspratt)

Outpatient care cost might be one of the biggest component of extra health care costs in the US.

Is sexual identity in women more fluid than that in men?

Tony Barber departing Brussels, and asks the EU to address the democratic deficit between institutions and its citizens.

Evolutionary strategy predicts that living in a harsh and unpredictable environment leads to a “fast” reproductive strategy? So this should justify all the early teen pregnancies in low income communities then, nothing to worry about.

Vulnerability in entrepreneurs as a valued trait.

Picture: The Christmas fish. No, actually it’s an anglerfish. The lights around the fish are generated by living bacteria.


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