Fathers wanted but not necessary, and other links for the long weekend

FT– It is quite clear that an isolated discussion of the need to reduce fiscal deficits will not work.

oecd.org– Since 1990, the number of people worldwide living in absolute poverty has fallen by about half a billion. What’s changed? In large part, China.

spiked-online.com– If growth scepticism were to be summed up in one phrase, it is “I’m in favour of economic growth, but…”’.

WSJ– Danone is among a vanguard of Western multinationals staking much of their future on the world’s poor.

thegreenskeptic.com– Drive 100 miles and you need to charge up, and there is currently very little infrastructure to support electric vehicle charging.

Voxeu– Do buyers discriminate based on race?

eurointelligence.com– If excessive austerity is imposed on Spain, the result will be even more miserable than for Korea, with at least as bad international impact.

NY Times– Ireland is pinning nearly all its hopes on an export revival to lift the economy.

blogs.telegraph.co.uk– Ambrose Evans-Pritchard says the Fed is slowly losing its marbles.

tnr.com– “Is this revolution a creature of globalization, or does global capitalism owe some of its energy and resilience to global English in all its manifestations?”

theatlantic.com– A paternal contribution may not be as essential as we think.

telegraph.co.uk– Women’s bodies have become so associated with sex that now a mothers’ magazine has called breast-feeding ‘creepy’.

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