Investoralist is Featured

Since our inception in February 2009, Investoralist has been featured in:

  • FT Alphaville’s piece on Roubini, linking to my blog post about his infamous parties.
  • Featured in piece on how blogs were changing the way the 2008 financial crisis was covered.
  • Shafeen Charnia’s (one of Time’s best blogs of 2009) idea blog ~synthesis~. The article featured deals with my experiences in business school and some of the shortcomings of the education system.  I discuss Shafeen’s ideas in my post on distributing blames amongst all parties involved.
  • My post on the Economics Behind Work was featured in the Brazen Careerist, a community of top Gen Y thought leaders that seek to redefine the relationship between work and life.
  • Gen X Finance, one of the top personal finance blogs, has recently featured an Investoralist article named Five things we can learn from the market bust.