Finland turning into your average frozen and violence-obsessed midwest town

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With multiple gun shootings in Finland over the last couple of years, a couple of which taking place in schools, Finland is now on high alert.

The response resembles more out of an inner-city school in some hard-knocked American industrial city, than that of a frozen northern tundra of a country famous otherwise for its mobile phones and sauna.

Getting through the door at Järvenpää High School requires an electronic key these days. Once inside, students leave their coats and bags at a monitored rack. Students too are under the close watch of video cameras.

The school’s pupils say the measures add a sense of security.

“It feels safe here, and we’re not afraid to come to school, especially in light of the school shootings. We know outsiders can’t get in,” says Sini Huuskola, a student at the school.

There we have it.  Scandinavia ghetto-rized, one cold corner at a time.

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  • Dirac

    Wow. Elitist much? Where did you even come up with the phrase “…violence-obsessed midwest town.”? Your ignorance is quite evident. Doing ten seconds of research, here are the most dangerous states for 2010 as found in a study by Florida Atlantic University:
    1. Nevada; 2. New Mexico; 3. Louisianan; 4. South Carolina; 5. Tennessee; 6. Florida; 7. Delaware; 8. Maryland; 9. Arizona; 10. Arkansas; 11. Alabama; 12. Georgia; 13. Oklahoma; 14. Alaska; 15. California.

    Hmmm…30% of the states and none are what are considered (rightly or wrongly) to be in the mid-west. This is the type of thing which makes the internet great…everyone has a voice…also the greatest problem with the internet…everyone has a voice.

    I have one word to leave with you…research.