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welcome-to-investoralistWelcome Gen-X readers, and thank you for visiting my blog.  I write about investing, macro-economics, society, culture, career, and any other ideas and thoughts I have from my own experiences.  Some samples are available here.  If you enjoy my posts, then please consider subscribing to the RSS feed and spread the word, I would love to hear from you!

Here are some places to start that will give you a taste of this blog:

More on the Recession

On investment

Some investment ideas

Some comic relief, cuz God knows we need every bit of laugh we can get

  • Places that are doing worse than your average recession-ridden economies.  That is, unless you live in Iceland, Germany, Japan, or Ireland.  Then I’m truly sorry.  Who’s worse off than you?
  • The curious case of Berlin and how it’s able to avoid the recession. I explain my findings of the city, along with pictures from 2008.  Who is too poor to afford a recession?
  • Thoughts on European immigration and the welfare system, and a piece on Japan and its very broken society . Those are not as funny but hopefully you find some solace in other people’s equally unsolveable problems?  When pragmatism trumps ideology and Japan and its broken social contract.
  • On my life in the land of cows and windmills, on baking my own birthday cake and endless air kisses.  The year of living Dutch

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