Happiness and connectedness?

Over-hyping Gustav Mahler.

A modern Lhasa that is hardly the calm and still Shangri-La that many have in mind.

Cognitive trade-offs with concentration-enhancement drugs.

There’s no future without adequate savings for the under-40s.  The Gen X and Gen Y retirement will look pretty different.

I will let the title of this article speak for itself: “Are big breasted women more intelligent?”

There might be a causal link between happiness and the level of connectedness we have on the social web.

If you can’t fight them, join them. Germany starts down the road in educating its own home-grown imams.

Women played a larger role (on the German side) during the Holocaust than previously expected.

What Americans considers bad economic times, Germans may see relative prosperity.  History helps explain behaviour and outlook, and the German version supports long-run fiscal caution.

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