Hot Ukrainian PM fancies herself Eva Peron, will get to top by any braids necessary

Yulia Tymoshenko

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Sarah Palin’s not the only soccer mom/president wannabe/pitbull with lipstick out there.  The Ukrainian version, a.k.a. hottest head of state in the world, is dubbed the “Kiev chameleon” by TNR.  She’s been called Lady Macbeth with an authoritarian streak, and the female version of Vladimir Putin!

Tymoshenko also believes she’s the reincarnation of Eva Perón.

God help the Ukrainians.

“She was told she is the reincarnation of Eva Perón,” says Dmitry Vydrin, who was Tymoshenko’s close adviser for nearly a decade. “And she believes it. She admits it in closed circles. She copies her consciously and subconsciously.” There’s the elaborate, kaleidoscopic wardrobe; the bleached up-do; the theatrical mannerisms; the way the public rustles whenever she appears. “It’s that way of flirting with the public, of addressing them as ‘my loved ones,’” Vydrin says.

Ever since the rather unremarkable brunette turned herself into a blonde “goddess” with her signature braid and French couture, her popularity has soared.  So such so that the current Prime Minister is likely to win the presidential election in the coming weeks.

But the creator of the “Yulia” hair is not without critics.

“Image is very important in Ukraine,” says Mr Wilson. “It’s a very TV-based society, and television was the primary medium of the campaign.”

Detractors have scathingly described her metamorphosis as pretentious: a near biblical transformation, her hair wrapped on top of her head like a halo, complemented by flowing white angelic dresses.

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