How to get someone to stay with you forever voluntarily, and other gems

Facebook doesn’t have privacy problems. It has positioning risks.– The recent brouhaha around Facebook’s privacy policies — the complications, the simplifications, the push, and the push-back — is a side-story. The real issue is positioning.
All you need to know about the precious metal from UBS
Zero Hedge– The market consensus expects China to increase its gold holdings over the coming years.
Auburn U. plans engineering campus in China– Auburn University has begun making preliminary plans to open an engineering campus in China, with a goal of developing a full-fledged branch campus that would serve undergraduate and graduate students.
Does the world need more than one Twitter?– Can one company do what Twitter is trying to do? Could one company handle all the email in the world?

Finance & econ
It is time for Asia to rewrite the rules of capitalism
FT– Suggesting a future in which economic policy is framed around limits, restraint and restrictions is to invite controversy, but Asian governments must start down this road. They have no choice.
The average investor is his own worst enemy– Humans seem to be hardwired to expect success and to regard themselves as above average.
European growth is not sustainable so get used to higher unemployment rates– It looks like Europe is going to have to get used to a period of high unemployment, sub-trend consumption and weak economic growth.
Implicit compensation– Executives whose trading freedom is increased experience reductions in other forms of pay to offset the potential gains from trading.
Why plans for early fiscal tightening carry global risks
FT– Far from being stabilising, premature fiscal retrenchment threatens destabilisation of the world economy, should be seen as an act of mercantilist warfare upon the US.

Rest of the good stuff
How to keep someone with you forever– Your lover or employee will stay only as long as she wants to under those systems, and you want to keep her even when she doesn’t want to stay. How do you pin her to your side, irrevocably, permanently, and perfectly legally? You create a sick system.
Red-hot robots– Roxxxy and Rocky, the world’s first sex robots, are ready to leave the lab.
Football: A dear friend to capitalism
The Guardian– Like some austere religious faith, the game determines what you wear, whom you associate with, what anthems you sing and what shrine of transcendent truth you worship at.
Legislation won’t close gender gap in sciences
NY Times– Given all the progress made in math by girls, who now take more math and science classes than boys and get better grades, differences in aptitude are not the primary cause of the gender gap in academic science.

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