It’s a white, white world, after all

The world is bracing for a pretty white winter by the look of it, no doubt vexing the climatologist and throwing the curve off a little bit with the cold.

  • India is unaccustomed to, but dealing with and extreme cold across the north, where temperature’s dropped below zero.
  • In north east China and South Korea, particularly around the capital Beijing and port city of Tianjin, as well as Seoul, were blanketed in up to 30 centimetres of  snow, temperature has dropped to minus 32 degrees Celcius, and 90% of all flights were cancelled.
  • Eastern US is also expecting more snow in the coming day, between 4 to 8 inches around the Great Lakes, between 1 to 3 over the rest of the region.
  • All around Europe, from England and France, to Germany and Poland, from Norway down to Spain, stretching to the seasonally brutal Ukraine and Russia, it’s snow, snow, snow, and more snow.
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