Japanese finance minister our hero of the week

Japanese finance minister snores off during press conference

The Investoralist has found itself a new hero in the (soon to be former) Japanese finance minister.

This is one tough week for Japan.  First it declares that it’s in worse shape than anyone else by getting double-whammied with zip domestic consumption, and falling exports.

Kaoru Yosano, Japan’s economic and fiscal policy minister, said the economy which relies heavily on exports of automobiles, machinery, and IT equipment for growth had been “literally battered” by the global downturn.

“This is the worst ever crisis in the post-war era,” he told a news conference on Monday. “There is no doubt about it.”

Then this shit splashes all over the web, and before the Japanese know it, they are short a finance minister!

Hero of the day Japanese finance minister Shoichi Nakagawa tried getting through his hangover with some shut-eye during a press conference.  But it’s just so hard to nap when those reporters can’t stop asking you damn questions!

Unlike other world leaders that reserve their distain by barking at questions, Nakagawa decides to upstage the kid and cute animals by slurring his speech and nodding off while doing his JOB!  There’s nothing that screams Dismissed! louder than that precious yawn of indifference (0.31).  Oh snap!

If your country’s been in a two-decade recession, and now your largest export partners, the US and China, are clawing their ways to dominate the underworld, what would you do? But more importantly, What Would Shoichi Nakagawa Do (WWSND) ?

Get hammered, and passive-agressively tell the rest of the world to fuck-off, because he knows that no amount of talking will bring back the export-bonanza of shiny Japanese gadgets.  Suck on that G7, with your emasculated economies and sobriety!

picture source: kitsuneRagdoll

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