July 13 Personal Finance Readings

Warren Buffett and what you might not (but probably do) knows about him. He owns more companies in more industries than what you would expect, does short stocks and likes dividends. A recent biography, and the chatters that arose as a result has questioned his divine status as THE American investor, yet fascination surrounding his investment strategies, his business decisions, and his life are far from diminished.

RIP – Retire in Peace. Not entirely surprising: boomers close to retirement have taken the hardest hit during this crisis. Youngsters are alarmed and most affected when it comes to jobs, but generally upbeat about their financial future.  The retired segment has largely escaped the fury of the market.

Risk tolerance and wealth management. Would you invest differently if you had $5,000,000 instead of $5,000? Here’s how Barclays Wealth analyzes your investing personality.

Wal-Mart – not the only culprit of low price? And why is IKEA the only one getting the grill? Don’t discount merchandisers such as Target and H&M follow the same kind of business model?

Are stocks riskier in the long run? Brokers and financial planners insist stocks outperform bonds in the long run. The 2008 market dip has thrown many such truisms out.  Timing matters a lot. Diversification does not save you every time.  Risks are not necessarily reduced by long-term holdings. Small investors almost never win.

What do Americans spend on? Beautiful infographic shows housing, transportation, food, insurance and pension top the list.

Naming this recession is like learning the names of vitamins. First there’s the debate between U, V, or W-shaped recoveries. Now Reich says we can forget about returning to the pre-recession economy. So there goes an X.

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