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  • Philips is going into the business of sex toys: “For some people here, it means being able to sit down on the couch and watch television after a hard day at work. For others, sexual satisfaction is part of it.”
  • Mrs. Robinson, we salute you for carrying on this venerable tradition, and for having such a no-brainer last name.
  • A deplorable crime carried out against a deeply troubled man paranoid of the very thing happening to him.  Death penalty is sought against the accused.
  • There’s a new superstar in the world of genetics research, it’s called epigenetics. What’s potentially game-changing is that our DNAs are much less fixed than previously believed.  There’s even a hardware/software analogy.
  • Faced with abysmal wages, American supervisors help out employees at the expense of their employers.
  • Mental illnesses, pioneered by Americans, now internationalized.
  • The degeneration of long-ago French aristocracy.
  • The state of a shaky justice system in Argentina.
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