Morning links: Blackwater for sale

How Zynga survived FarmVille – With launches like Monday’s FarmVille for iPhone, there’s an increased emphasis on syncing one user’s experience between everywhere they play a game.
No refills – Why are new pharmaceuticals so hard to bring to market? Overcautious regulators and profit-hungry conglomerates make easy scapegoats, but they’re only partly to blame.
Social networks overtake Google in UK web hits – Facebook’s battle for internet supremacy with Google has intensified after social networks received more internet hits than search engines for the first time in the UK.
Wanted: A buyer for Blackwater and its baggage
CNN Money – Xe Services, what Blackwater became after civilian shootings, criminal indictments and civil lawsuits caused a rebranding push in 2009, wants someone to buy it.

India’s welfare gamble: Add 100 million to the rolls
WSJ – India is now embarking on a major reassessment of poverty levels. The review will determine how many struggling people across the world’s second-most populous nation.
Gold as inflation-proof deflation hedge – There is a line of reasoning out there that may be of help to those troubled by the inflation/deflation hedging potential of gold ownership.
‘The time we have is growing short’ – Has the contribution of the modern world of finance to economic growth become so critical as to support remuneration to its participants beyond any earlier experience and expectations?
Fear must not blind us to deflation’s dangers
FT – Premature fiscal tightening is, warns experience, as big a danger as delayed tightening would be. There are no certainties here.
Greece is tapping China’s deep pockets to help rebuild its economy
Washington Post – Spurred on by government incentives and bargain-basement prices, the Chinese are planning to pump hundreds of millions, perhaps billions of euros into Greece even as other investors run the other way.

How a soccer star is made
NY Times – The American approach is the more democratic view of sport. The aspirations of each member of the team are equally valid. Elsewhere, there is more comfort with singling out players for attention and individualized instruction.
Black market in dogs big business in Germany – Lured by lower prices for pedigree puppies, German dog lovers are turning to Eastern Europe to find their Fido. But often the cut-price pooches come with diseases and behavioral problems, and sometimes die after just a few days.
Yoga heritage: don’t even think about stealing it, says Indian government
The Guardian – An Indian government body tasked with protecting the country’s rich heritage of medicinal and medical philosophy and practice has started filming hundreds of asanas in an attempt to make a rigid system out of this most flexible of meditative practices.

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