Morning links: Matters of the brain

The web shatters focus, rewires brains
Wired– Brain activity of the experienced surfers was far more extensive than that of the newbies, particularly in areas of the prefrontal cortex associated with problem-solving and decisionmaking.
Alzheimer’s prevention strategies remain an elusive challenge– Research advances in Alzheimer’s has arrived not in the form of new drugs but in technologies that track the underlying biology of the disease before the first symptoms appear.
Scientists prove even the thought of money spoils enjoyment– Subjects who were wealthier had a self-assessed lower level of savoring ability, and this undermined the positive effects of money on their happiness, although they were overall slightly happier than the less well-off subjects.

Venture capitalists do it. Why shouldn’t philanthropists do it, too?
O’Reilly Radar– Entrepreneurs are most likely to help a field move forward if they build on the knowledge and the mistakes of the past rather than tripping down the well-trodden road.
Googling the book settlement– Clashes between competing visions of the good are more compelling than humdrum stories of good versus evil. This is no different.
The new investigators– Many of the new nonprofit centers are housed at universities, so the reporting could resonate and influence those most directly affected by the issue.
Music’s new entrepreneurs– From videogames to cookbooks, rockers are experimenting with ways to connect with their fans’ hearts and wallets.

Emigration up, birth rate down: Graying Germany contemplates demographic time bomb– Unfavourable demographic shift is no news to Germans, although the net emigration trend cannot be too encouraging.
We’re all Swedes now– The Swedes themselves no longer believe in a Swedish model, or, when they do, it’s very different from the heavily regulated “people’s home” of myth.
Banks covertly financing Italy’s deficit– Covert financing of the government’s deficit by Italian banks reinforces the solvency fears currently surrounding Italy, according to a new report from Lombard Street Research.
The economics of immigration are not what you think– Studies show that immigration has increased the average wage of Americans modestly in the short-run, and by more over the long-term as capital investment rises to take account of the larger number of workers.

“Nul points” from Germany for Greece in Eurovision song contest?– Two predictions can safely be made about Saturday’s Eurovision Contest: 1) most of the music will be painfully sub-standard; 2) millions of Europeans will nonetheless pick up their mobile phones to vote for their favourite songs.
Wiki-Constitutionalism– In Latin America, constitutions are changed with great frequency and unusual ease, as if they were Wikipedia pages.
Women and body image: a man’s perspective– There’s a solid pulse running through everything our culture aims at women – be beautiful, be beautiful, be beautiful.But being beautiful, it turns out, is a near-impossible task. It keeps getting harder and harder.

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