News from inside North Korea

From the Korean Central News Agency, where 14 pieces of news just about do it for the day.  Not altogether shocking, considering there are only a handful of countries that N. Korea really needs to publicly rage or engage with.

The news pieces are most declaratory and rather hostile, in line with an isolated country with a leader that carries on with an air of self-importance underneath the bunker mentality (i.e. feeling snubbed by a publicized story in the US that I for one, have never heard of).

Of course, what’s N. Korean news without two profuse praises of the Great Leader, and two condemnation of the South Korean leader (foolish, and denounced in foreign countries).

An excellent documentary by the BBC a while ago, chronicling the escape routes of North Koreans to South Korea, mostly through China, Laos, and Thailand.

[via Gawker, BBC]

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