No romance please in new Indian outsourcing firms, and other unexpected emerging market stories

BRIC Special
India outsourcing firms set up shop in smaller towns– Call centres in India have a bad reputation as the breeding ground for inter-office romances. Newer, more rural openings want to avoid that.
EU sees solar power imported from Sahara in 5 years
Reuters– Europe will import its first solar-generated electricity from North Africa within the next five years.
It’s all about China now, get used to it– Focus on companies doing business in China Brazil and India, the three centers of real growth. Says Drogen.
Smart, young, and broke
Newsweek– White-collar workers are China’s newest underclass, the ant class.

Tech & Media
Public Press started online, now turns to print– One local newspaper is bucking the trend and going back to print.
“The whole music business infrastructure is about selling out”– The whole music business infrastructure, the baby boomer infrastructure anyway, is about selling out.
Why Amazon’s Kindle will eventually win the e-Book wars– If Amazon wants to keep the device around, it will have to transform it from a mere e-book reader to a content consumption device that matches the iPad in its capabilities.

Business & Finance
Slowed food revolution– Obama seeks to boost demand for organic food but doesn’t offer meaningful support for the people who grow it.
A colossal fracking mess– The dirty truth behind the new natural gas.
Freight fright *alert*
FT Alphaville– This particular forward macro-economic indicator experienced its biggest weekly decline since 2008.

The Rest
Why bad guys matter– At the core of all successful societies are procedures for blocking the advancement of bad men.
Eye of the beholder– What does it take to make a hit reality show?
Everything you need to know about the Internet
The Guardian– In spite of all the answers the Internet has given us, its full potential to transform our lives remains the great unknown.
40,000 deaths a year due to junk food– More than 40,000 Britons are dying unnecessarily every year because of high levels of salt and fat in their diets. Enhanced by Zemanta

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