North Korean propaganda machine cranking into gear for Kim the Third

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The world’s favourite dictator Kim Jong-Il is preparing his little-known son for the eventual succession. In North Korea, this means work at the propaganda bureau is picking up again. Bring in the best poets and writers, and crack the whip!

Myth-making is a North Korean specialty, just see what they conjured up for the two Kim seniors.

  • When Kim Jung-Il was born on Mount Paektu, there were flashes of light and thunder, the iceberg in the pond of Mount Paektu emitted a mysterious sound as it broke, and bright double rainbows rose up.  In reality, he was most likely born in Siberia, where his father was on exile at the time.
  • When Kim Il-Song passed away, “thousands of cranes descended from heaven to fetch him,” the narrator intones mournfully over shots of cranes flying through gray skies. “But the birds couldn’t take him away because they saw that all North Koreans cried and screamed and pummeled their chests and pulled out their hair.”

And it’s starting again with Kim #3.

Pyongyang’s Korean Central News Agency reported several days ago that the “morning star” Venus “shed an unusually bright light” above the lake that fills the crater of sacred Mount Paektu on North Korea’s border with China.

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