Nouriel Roubini: Bad boy doomsday economic genius

Roubini goes nuts on Nick Denton

Nouriel Roubini has quite the reputation.  A Turkish-born Iranian-Jew that was educated in Italy and the US, Roubini’s name recognition shot through the roof after his stubbornly bearish outlook on the US economy turned out to be true.

Since 2008, the head of RBE Monitor has made countless appearances on most of the network business news channels, pushing his gloomy views of the US, and the world economy in general.

But this self-proclaimed Dr Doom (not to be confused with the original Dr Doom) has quite another side to him.

It all started when a leaked email which Roubini invited his friends to one of his parties, boasting Scarlett Johansson had moved in upstairs to him having paid more than he had for his.  Details of the artwork in his loft were rumoured to resemble some aspect of the female genitalia, literally baiting Gawker for some smut.

Hilarity ensued when the Gawker started referring to Roubini as the “playboy professor” who inhabited a “vulva” and “vagina-encrusted Tribeca loft”.

Roubini went apeshit, and posted a series of late night rants on Nick Denton’s Facebook page.  Calling him names ranging from “little loser antisemitic jerk”, a “Nazi” and a “McCarthist bigot”, and portentously defended what he called his “loft cultural events”.

Those lunatic rants are now public records.  Gawker media has since then dubbed him the “Joe Franciss of pessimism porn”, and gleefully tracks his “partying” chronicled on Twitter, Facebook, and emails.

Gawker mocked Roubini’s Twitter sent while at Davos with the following.

Roubin's gleeful twitter on partying with his intellectual peers.

The New York University economist made his bones by predicting the mortgage meltdown and the ensuing recession. He will surely not want to softpedal his doom-mongering for airy talk of the future. But at home in Manhattan, he’s better known for the louche soirées he throws for young women in his vulva-studded TriBeCa loft. (Which, by the way, we applaud!) Roubini embodies the true spirit of Davos: wild partying in the face of the world’s doom.

Party pictures of Professor Playboy after this last piece of gem, sent to one of his Facebook friends.

Ciao bella. How are you fashionista glitterata glamorata?

I am in decadent St Trop now vacationing with Arab Sheiks, Russian oligarchs and assorted aristocratic Euro trash. More silicon here than in Silicon Valley…lol

I had to escape NYC as my Barron’s interview ( on $2 trillion of losses made the markets swoon last week and angry mobs of investors were chasing me.

So life is a beach here and am studying Beach Economics and the IELs (International Elites of Leisure) with a grant from the Institute for Advanced Vacations; hard job but somebody gotta do it.

This coming Sunday August 17th the New York Times Magazine ( will publish a long profile article (4 pages and 3000 words) about me. So beware of markets shivering the next day.

Want to come visit here in St Trop? I would be too lucky.

I will be back this weekend to NYC but off then to Brazil, UK and Sweden. But I will have parties over the coming weekends.

I hope to see you in nyc if not in St Trop. A drink some time too?



picture source: gawker

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  • chowder26

    Why the Roubini hate? All he did was acurately predict the global collapse when everyone else didn’t want to hear it. Had his detractors actually listened to him we might not be in the situation we are now.