Peak lumber, personality differences in the brains, and more for the weekend

Sweet spot for China’s blue-collar revolution– Recent spate of worker strikes at factories in China, what does it mean for the rest of the world?
iPhone economics and lower barriers to entry
O’Reilly Radar– The App Store created a marketplace that anyone with the appropriate skills can enter. Can it last?
Forget peak oil, peak lumber is coming
Minyanville– The mountain pine beetle is ravaging Canadian forests, leading a long-term bull market in lumber.
When anyone can be a published author– Will readers have to flounder in an ocean of slush before the new gatekeepers appear to rescue them?

Finance & Economics
Public sees a future full of promise and peril– In the public’s view, the next 40 years promises to be an era of technological progress.
Trichet explains why Soros is wrong about the Euro– Reforming the real economy in each country in the euro zone is what is needed, according to Trichet.
Sterling is the star
Credit Write Downs– The budget credibility, the lower gilt issuance and reduced risk of a downgrade is helped sterling recover.
Europe: Adrift amid the rift
FT– Economic and financial crisis in the eurozone has exposed deep and long-standing divisions between the two largest European economies.
Fed watch: China, day one
Economists’ View– While China appears willing to adjust the parity rate, changes are likely to be more window dressing than anything else.

The rest
Personality shows up in brain structure– Personality differences are now being explored biologically in the brain.
Words of the future– As ebooks increase in popularity, typesetters are working hard to design the ideal fonts for on-screen reading.
Working on a (temp) dream– Welcome to the freelance economy, where workers are atomized, badly compensated and strangely optimistic.
Beating China, India turns world’s top spam source– The top country where spam servers are located is India, accounting for 16.9%, Brazil 8.7%.

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