Sex tourists inconvenienced by Thailand’s social uprising, and other things of decadence

No end to dementia
The Economist– At a time when research seems to have hit the wall, fundings are tapering off.
Le Monde on the brink– One of the reason Le Monde is about to go belly up? Laying off a €50,000 per year print plant employee costs €466,000.
Taking Booz Allen public could be company’s undoing
Washington Post– It is questionable whether Booz Allen can maintain its strong corporate culture that upholds quality, collaboration and customer interests central to its long-term management philosophy, once it goes public.

Euro & Europe
Eating vichyssoise in Athens– A concatenation of crises over the past few months, of which the near bankruptcy of the Greek state is only the most lurid, has heightened an urgent question of which direction, if any, the Continent is now taking.
Hedge funds aggressively cover Euro short positions– Hedgies cover euro shorts, continue to short the Russell 2000 futures, long crude oil, and long metals.
Drowning in euros
FT Alphaville– Can a sea of devalued euros save Europe?

Finance & Economics
The benefits of the bust
WSJ– In the new economy emerging from the financial crisis, the self-serving assumptions of efficient, self-stabilizing markets have been discredited, but something will have to be put in their place.
The Terminator comes to Wall Street– How computer modeling worsened the financial crisis and what we ought to do about it.
Thinkers and tinkerers– At its core, Industrial Revolution was created by connected groups of smart people who stole each others’ ideas and implemented them.
Gold’s ever-so-brief new high– Some gold-timers are cautious, if not outright bearish, on gold.

The rest
What happens to Thailand’s sex tourism during the riots?– How inconvenient for Thailand to have political turmoil that disrupts elderly men’s Viagra-fueled sex binges. Couldn’t they have waited to hash out their grievances with what they feel is an illegitimate government?
Kick it good– What happens when an anarchist creates rules for football?

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