Snuggling squirrels

How even a Kindle is too distracting a device for long-form reading.

Who isn’t the ticking bomb nowadays?

Will the Saudis halt their oil exploration activities before the rest of the world gets a grip on their oil dependencies?

Long term unemployment hits the older and more educated most.

While immigration to the US flat-lined during the recession, it sky-rocked in some of the hardest-hit places in Europe.

All adult picky eaters like fries and chicken fingers.

“A Freudian slip, for example, is when we say one thing when we mean a mother. Another. You know what I mean.”

How squirrels are surprisingly similar to primates, including the act of greeting each other by nuzzling each other’s cheek and lip that look like a kiss.

If evolution favours meat-eating primates, then there’s no evolutionary support for veganism?

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