So much for Jim Roger’s rally to learn Chinese: there’s no jobs for you anyway!

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Jim Rogers moved to Singapore, so his daughters can learn Chinese!  Never mind the fact that Singaporeans speak debatable Chinese, as well as an amusing form of staccato English.

But now, it turns out that mastering this insanely difficult language will not guarantee you riches or any semblance of a respectable career!  Just listen to this ex-expat.

Everybody comes to China with a plan to strike it rich. Rather than a fortune and a new career, most expats seem to return home with little more than a thicker waistline, a prodigious collection of DVD’s, and possibly a new spouse.


The simple fact is however, mastery of Chinese, no matter how good you are, is NOT a golden ticket to employment in the United States.

Although Chinese may in fact be in high demand, what’s equally important is to factor in is the supply of Chinese speakers. According to the US census, in 2006 there were 2.5 million people in the United States who speak Chinese at home. That’s more than any language other than English and Spanish.

Bottom line: simply mastering Chinese is not the golden meal ticket, and will not guarantee you a career, anywhere, in any way.

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