Spotlight on Berlusconi: First Gates, now Italian magistrates

Not the best week for Berlusconi on the PR front.

After getting called stingy and vain by Bill Gates for Italy’s miniscule contribution to foreign aid, members of the Italian judiciary system staged a walk out to protest against Berlusconi’s abuse of the legal profession, and his proposals to reform the courts.

The Parliament – controlled by Berlusconi, is looking at laws that would limit the length of legal cases, which opposition say would effectively shut down the two ongoing cases against Berlusconi himself.

“The government has now approved the 19th measure of the Berlusconi era, expected to have effect on a trial against the prime minister. [The government’s] priority has been private interests. In this way, justice for many Italian citizens will be denied”, said Anna Finocchairo, senator of the opposition Democratic party.

In 2009, as a reflection of Berlusconi’s own dodgy affairs and a lack of positive measures that clean up the Mafia-infiltrated economy, Italy placed number 63 (out of 180 surveyed) on the Corruption Perception Index.  Ahead of Italy?  Turkey, Cuba, Namibia, Malaysia, South Africa, Jordan, Botswana, and many, many more.

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