Standing room only on flights

What brain scans of psychopaths look like.

A series of discussions on why firms are hoarding cash.

Sensationalism, and the myth of the Lost Generation in Australia.

The four renegade German professors that spoke out against the euro back in 1998, are back again.

Standing room only on flights?  Last shred of luxury and mystery gone from commercial flights.  But there’s the issue of seat belts – can you be belted standing up?

Our trust of economic models hasn’t gotten us too far yet.  So is the mainstream agreement on more stimulus spending based on debt based on yet more blind trust of modeling?

Finding fingerprints to authenticate masterpieces.

Euro’s been picking up in the last few days.  But some say the worst is yet to come.

Have heard similar exclamations on the exorbitant prices of things in Africa. In Congo, a piece of broccoli costs 13 dollars in a grocery store,

Economic growth is the sweetest revenge. Who needs who? Europe or Turkey?

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