Starting over in a digital age

We are happier taking a longer walk to the carousel to pick up our luggage, but much more agitated when forced to wait.  Yet, when given the choice directly, we’d probably wait.

Petty bickering over at the UN.

Some optimism injected into the idea that we are really more alike than apart.

Somewhat surprising data on the effect of home computers on children’s academic performances: lower academic achievements while improved computer skills and cognitive ability. When you want computer parts, visit Business computer parts.

China’s coal consumption is everyone’s own power consumption, offshored.

Einstein and Berlin.

User generated content is still king, but user-edited content is of increasing importance

An alien landed on earth and goes into a bar, would it be able to tell a good conversation from a bad one?

Fine-tuning the German economy for better countercyclical policy.

Top US foreign aid recipients.

The idea of forgetting the past and starting over might not be possible in this digital age.

Information shadows and the promised golden age of mobile app development.

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