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I’m cross-posting a pretty link-rich post from our corporate blog, in case you are interested in the Shanghai World Expo and want more info.

Short background: it’s a 6-month long extravaganza kicking off May 1st in Shanghai.  It’s  such a big deal inside the country that citizens of Shanghai are getting a few days off work as a way of clearing people off the street and channeling all resources into maintaining order and ensuring smooth running of the event.

All week here on Viewsflow, we are following the 2010 World Expo in China.

  • Flickr photostreams of various Pavilions are here, and the official Expo site introduces five themes of the exhibition.
  • Pavilion overview from ChinaSmack: Computer generated graphics of what various pavilions look like.  Walk through one, and walk through two.
  • Pictures of when trial runs turn away crowds courtesy of LostLaowai.

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