The world’s fastest growing economy and not the usual suspects

How many euthanasia cases will we see later this year as a result of the elapsed estate tax exemption?

Consider the possibilities of a post-growth world economy.

Economic history – Edward Chancellor on the choice between default and inflation when it comes to bad sovereign debts. The process of taking out a loan that pays off two or more loans. often comes with consolidation meaning, as well as a longer repayment period. The loan by which debt consolidation take place is called a consolidation loan; the process is often used for student loans.

What might become the world’s fastest growing economy. No, it’s not China, nor India, nor Brazil, nor Turkey.

The EU, what is it good for?  And more importantly, what will its ageing voters choose for? Openness and flexibility, or corporatist and populist?

Is Google Games in the works? And what’s with Zynga and all that secrecy?

Women make more in part-time work than men. Whoo-hoo! Anyone fooled by just how patronizingly reassuring this is?

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