True authenticity test of Scandinavian food? It lasts longer than you do

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Seeing there’s few eating establishments outside of the region dedicated to spread of Scandinavian food, an Atlantic food writer attempts to translate this raw and frozen food culture to us.  Through the market at Ikea.

When food writers write about Scandinavian food, they tend to wax (and wane) about the freshness and naturalness of the cuisine and describe it as close to nature. That’s true–fish from the ocean and all that–but it is not quite the real picture. My two main entrée ingredients were frozen meatballs and frozen potato flakes, and there was something properly Scandinavian about that. In fact nothing I bought was fresh. Everything was preserved food. That is perhaps the true essence of Scandinavian eating: food that can last longer than you do. There are stories of farmers with storehouses containing edibles that go back more than one generation.

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  • Beatrice winnberg

    I like scandinavian food. They are more tasty and soft than other western food. I am about to start serving scandinavian food in africa by opening catering. Ingridience from scandinavia.