Twitter craze in Japan, and other Tuesday morning links

One more powerful piece on the lack of foresight and sensitivities exhibited by the current healthcare professionals and patients when it come to dying. The practice of needlessly and fruitlessly pre-longing terminal patients’ lives with no regard for the quality of lives was also covered here.

The UK is more than capable of making good drama series. Although some self-reflection is never a bad thing.

What the Kosovo recognition means for other restive regions in the world.

Moving in the opposite direction as its Atlantic cousin: Britain looks to decentralize health care.

Milestone for Russia indeed. A town looks past his skin colour and elects a black mayor.

All those knowledge, skills and war stories, what happens once people retire? Not everyone can nor want to go into teaching, how do we capture and aggregate the knowledge?

Japan does love a craze.

Applying the type-A vigilance and zeal to parenting has created a whole industry that’s come up with the kind of ingenious products that warms up baby wipes.

UAE basically declares BlackBerry enemy of the state.

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