Twitter Postings July 1

Iraq’s disappointing oil field bids:
That’s some pretty hefty government pension:
On whether it was right for the NYT to conceal Rohde’s kidnapping:
Why Joe Nocera feels no sympathy for Madoff victims:
Are German banks hoarding money?
Err, taking a pug into the subway when it’s hot and humid not the best idea, but was this really necessary?
No more Percocet and Vicodin? What will House survive on?
More cryptic politician talk, this time it’s about crossing the “line”, and what line would that be?
Happy Canada’s Day!
Bye-bye to organic certification, as farmers return to conventional farming:
Honduras, the original banana republic … lost in the shuffles of news cycles, between Iran and MJ:
Why Asia won’t be able to drive growth:
Even sex is a hard sell during this recession:
Just watching a BBC documentary on debunking 7/7 theories:
Who wants to go on a pirate hunting vacation?
UK drops plans to make ID cards compulsory for foreigners:
I seriously need to start learning Dutch, is anyone else out there doing the same?
“Paralyzing fear and blind optimism aren’t the only alternatives. There is a route through the middle.”
So more competitive universities lead to more time spent with kids? Is there a correlation?
Too much of these celebrity economists?
The Chinese save for a lot of reasons, the marriage-price inflation explanation is just one of them:
Things must be pretty bad for these Japanese youth to protest:
Abu Dhabi will host new renewable energy agency, Bonn and Vienna not rich enough to compete:
On an ageing world
High-wage countries with few natural resources cannot afford sub-par universities. Europe, are you listening?
Cash for grass in California, turning it into more of a desert than it already is:
When business plans do not deliver:
Is the era of corporate conglomerates over? Not sure about that:
For a $2.5 billion dollar project, you’d think they would pay for a naming consultant, but no:
The simplest behavioural finance bubble model by Brad DeLong:
Free wedding if you quit smoking:
If we are all morons when we travel, then what should we do instead? Stay home and bite our nails?
Why the rejection of western liberal ideals by Russia is so distasteful to the west:
Russia’s shutting down every gambling outlet in the land, how is this possible?
The NYT will survive, oh goody!
Europe just loves to stuff their liberal haughty superiority down your throat, whether you like it or not:
Supreme Court will not block new digital video recording system, allowing ad skipping:
Geez, what kind of marketing gimmick is this?
13 year old boy can’t imagine using the dinosaurous piece of technology that was the Walkman, gosh I’m old:
On Sheila Bair, and the financial debate:
Did Madoff’s sons know?
Twitter Postings June 29
Reporters’ Center on Youtube, for journalists wannabe:

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