Twitter Postings July 2

Wow, wealthy pensioners carries out their own form of vigilante:
Racial profiling everywhere? France and Japan
I suppose if toilet installations can be considered art, this will do too, but in even poorer taste?
Tax breaks for Ponzi scheme victims:
Like my coffee and coffee drinks, so this is a pretty cool set:
Walmart backing mandate on worker insurance? I guess you never know which way the wind blows:
National parliaments have strengthened, vis-a-vis the EU:
There’s no recession as far as H&M is concerned:
Money and happiness, some interesting survey results:
John Bolton somehow finds an outlet through the Post and wants Israel to strike Iran. How very helpful:
Michael Wolff calls Jenny Sanford a “model for the wronged political spouse.” He can talk.
NYT puts its investigative wits into use and concludes more rain=less homicide. Time to pull out that Pulitzer:
“Jessica Simpson sang the N.A. and then eventually left the first green before any of her body parts managed to escape”
India decriminalizes homosexual sex, big step:
The haves and have-nots of California:
Safety in numbers, more people that bike, the safer it gets:
Old eastern German movie premiers 40 years after made:
ExxonMobil funds more climate skeptic studies:
Is live performance the future of print?
Nonsense infographics look just as pretty:
Marine deploying on largest mission in Afghanistan since Fallujah and nobody notices:

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