Twitter postings June 22

Autistic genius pianist:
Photoshop diversity fail!
What a Turkish diplomat says about the Iranian situation:
Finally, a reasonably sensible statement from politician. Listening Sarkozy? Heads of states r not political activists:
Who wants a Jack Welch-esque education? Great, what kind of cultish innovation are we looking at next?
Death of macho all around the world?
Vegan support group … heh!
Metropolitan Museum lays off 300 something people, still got 2,200 to run the place
The fed wants to seriously regulate the web, starting with, bloggers?
Has the recession destroyed America’s labour market mobility?
Regulating bloggers to protect customers, the way to hell is paved with good intentions?
Some retro British television, sweet:
From one extreme to another, a story that takes 1,000 years to read. Not sure humanity will be around that much longer:
Sarkozy making a bold statement on women and burqas rather arrogant statement made here, no?
Colleges ramping up summer courses and activities, will it make up for endowment losses and poorer students?
Unemployment is probably way higher than reported here:
Heh, “confession” of a TARP wife:
The digitally connected find jobs faster?
This is mis-information, pressure cookers are barely used in the Netherlands:
Berlusconi will just never leave:
Where the Iranian hostage takers from 1979 are up to now (2004):
The female head writer of the Colbert Report speaks:
Simon Cowell speaks:

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