Twitter Postings June 29

On the evolution of Latin American coups, less is better:
So what would happen if you start charging for use of washrooms? No soft drink sales, airport charging for use too?
To lose friends and influence no one, just be a belligerent jackass:
Problem with cancer research?
Science of econ bubbles and busts:
China’s troublesome banking sector?
Stories of Detroit’s downfall, deserved so for shareholders and management, but human cost tragic nevertheless:
Der Spiegel thinks Czech was too small to handle EU presidency. Ironic, as the EU is made up of toy-sized countries:
Gotta be kidding, this is the kind of bs that makes European women give birth at home, with no anesthesia nor pro help:
Danish doctors in training work too little for their own good, jeez:
Market heading for herd collapse again?
BIS wants to rank financial products, good luck with that:
Fantasy credit trading game:
Berkshire cuts property catastrophe reinsurance:
BIS proposes fail-free financial system:
Great, now we have “real estate intervention”:
Keeping news of kidnapping off Wiki:
10 best prison breaks of all time?
Bargain for this year’s Buffett lunch date:
Endowment in one area of one’s life means shortcoming in another? Why celebrities go broke:
TV business not in as dire waters as one might be led to think?
Turning deceased loved ones into human diamonds:
Humans don’t scale, is social media turning into just any other pace?
Russians self-destructing through alcohol:
Does persistence drive depression?
Is the Hummer too dirty for even China? Agency seeks to block Hummer acquisition:
Goldman responds to article on regulatory capture:
How liberals and conservatives differ on moral trespasses:
The world changed in 1979:
Robert Thomson of WSJ defends premium media, says content creators should be at centre of value chain:
On doctors and pays around OECD countries:
Media field year on back of MJ death:
Mega churches and corporations, really not all that different?
Doug Saunders asks, what is Canada?
The Economist will never lose its appeal:
Google China’s troubles do not end:
Failed states index 2009:
What happens in public, stays public?
More renting versus buying:
More frauds washing up ashore, one of the more colourful ones at the moment:
On Kenyan corruption and whistle-blowing:
Here’s a concept, trading recession time-off now for overtime later:
More fun for free, but what does that mean for the economy exactly?
Kim Jong Il needs more attention, with all these celebrity deaths, Iran, and all:
Parenthesis plagiarism with Chris Anderson?
IKEA not so hot on Russia anymore:
How’s this for a diet? You consume, air, only air:
There will be 10 best pic nominations instead of 5 next year:
Yes, but would he approve? Online poll wants to name China’s first aircraft carrier after Mao:
Goldman and the American bubble machine:
Does language shape thought? Interesting thought experiment there:
Torontonians are a bunch of babies, TUVM. So wusses with snow, babies with garbage, eh?
NY MTA selling off naming rights to subway stations:
Regulation coming to Internet marketing?
Analyzing investment shortfalls from a psychological perspective:
More crazy plans to save the newspaper:
Some would disagree, but Moody says there’s no credible alternatives to the USD:
Financial crisis, timeline capture:
International responses to the crisis timeline?
WSJ goes thru the intellectual exercise that works out the perils of a smaller Wall St, conclusion: China’s the winner.
Some suspicious habits of hedge funds?
Germany’s surprised it’s got a well-integrated Muslim population:
The Germans want to help you clean up your desk:
I agree with this assessment of Berlin:
Immigration and foreign policy:
On speculative bubble and the financial crisis (pdf):
East Germany’s consumer culture:
Twitter in times of crisis, lessons learned?
When boring is great … I would say when lazy gets lucky, but oh well:
I miss Canadian health care  as much as people complain, it is a good system:
Who says women aren’t funny? Have you read through some of these?
Is Europe over-optimistic in its pursuit of guilt-free energy options?
New Yorker article on Countryside’s Angelo Mozilo:
Will we move towards “small enough to fail”?
Impact of lobbying by insurance industry on health care reforms:
In case you want to know what the WSJ reported in 1930:
Volatility comes back, won’t investors please jump in?
How far should we go in climate proofing inhospitable lands?
Risks of deflation vs. inflation? Isn’t this merely a disagreement over when each will take place?
There’s a whole science in spotting fake numbers apparently, too much 7s and not enough 5s:
On free lunch, and why there’s no such thing:
Liability driven investing
China didn’t sell Treasuries in April (or May, for that matter) #vbrief

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