Two can play this game: China reciprocates missionary impulse of the West

While the west flounders: with liberal democracy project stalls, unlimited expansion of capitalism convulsing internally and beat down with populist pitchforks, identities of staunch republican states scrutinized through public eyes, China’s confidence is growing by the day.

Increasingly assertive (some may say aggressive) in its participation of global relations, China is following the path paved by al-Jazeera, in staking out its territory in the game of media and PR.

And it starts with the state media Xinhua sending a team of reporters to an Indian reservation in New Mexico, to dig up some American dirt.

Adam Cathcart says, and I concur:

[T]his might be a hidden “emerging trend” in US-China relations: the reciprocation from the East of the missionary impulse, the desire among young Chinese elites to see poverty, political inequality, and urban decay in the United States.

America is just the start.  If China wants to draw political parallels, whether it’s  to contextualize political situations like Tibet or Xinjiang vis-a-vis other independence movements around the world, or downplay social ills (i.e. an underclass of migrants, gender inequalities and corruption) compared to organized crime and corruption elsewhere, there is plenty to be found.

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