Unwed daughters, poor boyfriends and other unhappy endings

BP’s hypocrisy problem
nymag.com– Hayward knew that what he was enduring was a ritualized necessity.
On guns, butter and broken windows, now with more oil…
economistsdoitwithmodels.com– Economists are right in touting the supposed economic benefits of the oil spill.
Retail chains are embracing their online stores
latimes.com– Traditional merchants such as Macy’s are adapting to online shoppers.
What valley companies should Kknow about Tencent
techcrunch.com– Tencent is the largest, most profitable Internet company in China. OK. It’s also the 3rd largest Internet company in the world, after Google and Amazon. Whoa.

Finance & Economics
Why European countries are like American banks?
thedailybeast.com– Greece is like Bear Stearns, Germany is JP Morgan, and guess which country plays the role of Goldman Sachs?
Canada’s economy is suddenly the envy of the world
Boston.com– And is very smug about it all.
Normal adjustment mechanisms
brontecapital.blogspot.com– When metals prices/demand falls the Australian dollar falls. Greece is not so lucky.
Dealing with Dutch disease
VoxEU.org– The recent boom in primary commodity prices has once more stimulated interest in the issue of “Dutch Disease”.

The rest
Unwed daughters in Greece catch ‘time bomb’ in pension overhaul
noir.bloomberg.com– Greek spinsters are not marrying for fear of losing their meager pension. Screwed up incentives? You betcha.
China’s real estate boom spells trouble for boyfriends
latimes.com– No house, no car, no girlfriend.  Welcome to the reality of an ever-so-materialistic China.
Soccer done right
forbes.com– Changing soccer scoring would better the underlying competitive realities than the current rules.

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