What I’m reading this weekend

What Haiti really need are, trees.

Why the record-breaking fine paid by Goldman is a smart trade, and a bargain.

Free-wheeling Hong Kong taking a turn for minimum wage.

France has no interest in becoming a mosaic multicultural after the Ottoman Empire made up of tapestry of loosely bound communities.

A piece on the Belgium’s language issues.  This is a much better article on the subject.

Serial killing in Africa.

Employment rigidity in Europe is as bad as it is described here.  Even in a relatively business-friendly country such as the Netherlands, it is next to impossible to fire someone with a permanent contract – which is the ultimate goal here for every working adult.  In fact, when handed the pink slip, you are told to refuse to be fired and continue on protesting the firing throughout the labour arbitration process.  Going along and agreeing with the dismissal means your unemployment benefits are aversely affected. Mass firings done by large companies needs to be submitted to labour boards and approved first, if you don’t want to get into trouble with the legal system.

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