Why do Jews disdain Sarah Palin more than other groups?

The Jewish magazine, Commentary, explains the “anti-Palin fever gripping American Jews”:

[It] can best be understood as the result of her alignment with a series of issues and cultural markers that antagonize a large segment of the American Jewish community. If one were to invent a political leader designed to drive liberal, largely secular, urban, highly educated Jews to distraction, one would be hard pressed to come up with a more effective figure than Palin.

David Frum sums it up in four basic points:

1. Jews value formal credentials, and Palin’s got none.

2. Jews under-weight folksy American pastimes, i.e. hunting, fishing, taming the frontier, military.  All of which Palin claims to enjoy and readily flaunts.

3. Jews distain working class occupations.  Palin’s family laboured through them, and uses them to “connect” with blue-collar Americans.

4. Jews don’t like large families, and are largely pro-choice.  Palin’s got a large family, is pro-life, and gave birth to a disabled son.

Furthermore, concerns over her (lack of) intellectual capacity to perform the job is just the start of the problems.

Frum says this, and I think it’s the one thing that disquiets all intellectuals, urbanites, members of minority groups, and anyone with an appreciation of history.

I think the real and most fundamental problem Jews have with Palin is not her gleeful ignorance, but her willful divisiveness. More than any politician in memory, Palin seems to divide her fellow-Americans into first class and second class citizens, real Americans and not-so-real Americans. To do her justice, she has never said anything to suggest that Jews as Jews fall into the second, less-real, class. But Jews do tend to have an intuition that when this sort of line-drawing is done, we are likely to find ourselves on the wrong side.

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