Win an Apple iPad, it’s on Viewsflow!

When I’m not blogging, my day job is at Viewsflow – a startup that aggregates economic and financial analysis.  We also have an impressive technology platform behind it that obsessively tracks all those that dare to leave their footprints in blogs and the Twitter-sphere.

Impressed yet?  Or maybe just a bit scared?

Anyway, with all that Apple iPad madness and all, at Viewsflow, we’ve decided to give away an Apple iPad in the coming three weeks.

I’m pretty sure working for Viewsflow will disqualify me from ever winning, so readers of my blog, go forth and snatch the prize!  Seriously, I am giving up my wages for this, go get it!


Here’s the link where you can find another link to sign up for daily our newsletter (or just click and sign up here directly), which is what you gotta do to quality.

Here’s more about Viewsflow.  And, against all odds, we are actually based in London.

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  • Chuck

    Well, Dana–I'm on board. Looking forward to getting my updates!